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Stump Grinding & Shrub Removal

Don’t Let Old Stumps & Shrubs Ruin The Look of Your Property

In the intricate canvas of your landscape, every element matters. Our stump and shrub removal services are designed to declutter your outdoor space, paving the way for new growth and transformative landscaping possibilities.

Stump Grinding & Removal Service

A leftover stump can be more than an eyesore; it can pose a risk to your safety and the health of the surrounding flora. It can also be a home to insects or bees and also hold up other projects you have planned for the area.

Our stump removal services seamlessly blend skill, specialized machinery, and an understanding of the natural landscape to efficiently and effectively remove these stubborn remnants. Whether you’re dealing with a solitary stump or a landscape littered with them, our comprehensive stump removal processes ensure a clean slate for the future development of your outdoor space.

Shrub Removal Service

Overgrown or unwanted shrubs can hinder the beauty and potential of your garden. Our shrub removal services focus on eliminating these impediments with care, minimizing disturbance to the surrounding environment.

Whether it’s a single shrub or a thicket, our experienced team ensures swift and thorough removal, priming your garden for a rejuvenated aesthetic or the new plants you wish to introduce.


We Provide Service Throughout All of Rhode Island - Including:

  • Warwick
  • West Warwick
  • Cranston
  • East Greenwich
  • East Providence & Providence
  • Coventry
  • North Kingstown
  • All of Newport County

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What Our Clients Are Saying?

"After calling nearly every landscaper in RI, we settled on Andrew's Landscaping due to the great reviews and his professionalism during our consult. We needed some pretty extensive landscape design, construction and excavation work done. Andrew walked us through the entire process from start to finish. The price was extremely reasonable, and we were presented a variety of options at different price points.

It took a day or two longer due to the recent heavy rain, but that couldn't be avoided and we’re extremely happy with the end result. Thanks!"

- Mayez T.

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"Needed to have an area of my yard cleared out and I couldn’t have found a more professional or better company. Looking forward to using them in the future and would recommend them for any job. Thank you for your hard work and professionalism."

- Mike D.

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"My yard was in need of a major spring cleanup (leaves, sticks, branches, small downed trees), and Andrew and his crew did an extremely thorough job, exceeding my expectations. Considering the scale of the job and how thorough they were, the price was very reasonable. This was my first time using Andrew, but I would definitely use him again, and would highly recommend him."

- Dave B.

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"Found Andrew on Google because he had so many positive reviews. Well, the reviews don't lie. He provided a reasonable estimate to perform a spring cleanup so I decided to give it a try. Andrew did not disappoint. Honestly, I feel that he went over and beyond my expectations. Thank you again Andrew!"

- Jamie D.

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